“This I Believe”

If you have not read this book, GET IT. I finished this one a few days ago and left feeling more confident in having my own beliefs about life. Here is an excerpt from the book that I thought would be useful for readers of my blog:

“When I was finally able as an adult to sit with my mother and name the specific sexual and physical violence my father had perpetrated on me as a child, it was an impossible moment. It was naming, the saying of what had actually happened in her presence, that lifted my twenty – year depression. By remaining silent, i had muted my experience, denied it, pushed is down. This had flattened my entire life. I believe it was this moment of name that allowed both my mother nad me to eventually face our deepest demons and deceptions and become free.”

As a food addict, I suppress my demons with my food. When I am “out of the food” and focusing on life in its place, my insecurities come out in the open. It is a hard process, but it IS freeing.