Cold Vegetables?

I am just learning about this. With my horrid acid reflux, I got some great advice today from a holistic, trustworthy, and knowledgeable individual. Apparently, there are certain vegetables to eat over the summer that are “cooler.” With all the “fire” in my body, I need to eating cooling food. I get that – makes sense to me.

I don’t have the list yet, but this individual will be sending me an email with a list of the right cooling vegetables. I can’t wait to get this helpful information! In the meantime, luckily, I have plenty of food to finish up in my fridge, however, as soon as I get that list, I am dropping what I have and switching things up! I also learned that the acid has been a cause and major block to my digestive process. Everything that I will be doing for my reflux will help me lose weight as well!

cooking vegetables