Catering Food

I was catering today. This is a good thing because it means I am working and making an income, however, it is a bad thing because it puts me around a lot of food. I can get anything I want that they are offering the guests – as long as I find a way to sneak it. Sneaking food is normal in the catering industry. Well, I did not do this. I was okay being around the food and the fact that it was all sitting far away from me – that was really helpful. The food industry is a great way for performers to earn an income while looking for the next job.

I have tried denying this for years, but I always ending up running back to it because that is the work that is available. But man, a food addict working with food. Not a smart idea. I want to run in the other direction as soon as I get in the atmosphere. I did well today. It’s sad that I impress myself so much by not jumping into the food. Can’t I just be normal around food?!?! What is normal anyway? Well, I am off to bed and I am not beating myself up about any food I ate. If I ate at the catering event, that would have been an entirely different mental adventure – not a fun one.